Social responsibility

Socially responsible and energy efficient

“Evropa” is a company oriented towards values, and that is why we believe that it is our duty to behave responsibly towards the society in which we work. In order to contribute towards the sustainability of the social development, we actively collaborate with our employees, the local community and the society in all so that we may enable better quality life for everyone.

Ethical management

Ethics is a high priority in our company. During the implementation of business activities, “Evropa” stands for incorporation of the principles and practices of responsibility, transparency, ethical behavior, respecting the interests of all parties involved, as well as respecting the laws and regulations for making and carrying decisions.

Investing in the community

As a socially responsible company, “Evropa” always tries to answer different demands for humanitarian aids and sponsorships, for which it has received many recognitions and gratifications. By doing that it stays true to the image which it has built as a company which believes in moral values and is trying to initiate them in accordance to its own capabilities.

Focused towards our consumers and their safety, as well as taking care of the quality and control, we have successfully implemented and certificated system ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Management System), IFS (International Featured Standard - Food), control and safety of branded foodstuff standard, as well as business work in accordance with SMETA methodology (Sedex Membership Ethical Trade Audit), which involves care and respect of employees’ rights, health and safety, environment and business etiquette.

“Evropa” collaborates with many faculties, among which is Technological Faculty, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Economics at UKIM and enables and supports practical education for the students within the factory, during which they can achieve practical knowledge with reference to their study programs. On the other hand, “Evropa” actively participates in projects for modernization of the vocational education, where it works on making the educational programs for the “Alimentary Technician” course.


“Evropa” not only guarantees products that are safe for their consumers, but also during its work promotes taking care of the environment.

With the implementation of the gasification in Macedonia, “Evropa” adapted its ovens and steam kettles to work on gas. Since 2013 we are also part of the project “Energetic Efficiency”, while with its realization we have substantially reduced the energy costs and the expenditure of natural gas, and we have actively contributed to saving our environment.

In order to minimize the negative influence over the environment and the responsible attitude towards the packaging waste, “Evropa” is using ecological packaging which is recyclable, while our packaging waste is managed by companies which own a license for packaging waste selection and processing.

Market Relations

“Evropa” nurtures long-term and stable relations with their shareholders, suppliers, collaborators and organizations, sticking to the standards of the corporate social responsibility, in order to achieve positive results.