Quality and food safety policy


Evropa A.D’s prime determination is consistency to follow through with the Quality and Food Safety Policy

Basic principles for the Quality Policy are:

  • Highest priority in working is the quality of the products and the service that are provided;
  • Orientation towards the buyers for meeting their demands;
  • Working flexibility;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Good conditions for collaboration with all employees, trust and affiliation to the company;
  • Building good relations with the suppliers for quality supply of raw materials;
  • Continuous development of the work with full responsibility towards the society;
  • Taking care of the environment;
  • Authority’s responsibility on every level.

Basic principles for the Food Safety Policy are:

  • Manufacturing of safe confectionery products;
  • Constant advancement of good hygiene practice;
  • Constant increase of customer satisfaction;
  • Developed conscience in every employee for product safety;
  • Constant education of the employees;
  • Partner relations with the suppliers and consumers;
  • Full tracking, control and managing of the processes;
  • Investment in knowledge, new technology and development;
  • Following of the world trends in manufacturing confectionery products.

In Skopje, 20.09.2017.
Marika Karadjova
General Manager