Mission, Vision, Values


Our MISSION is to continue to inspire & indulge all discerning pleasure seek-ers, just as we’ve been doing since 1882. We strive to constantly innovate and offer the broadest range of flavored experiences, while making sure our team is happy and highly motivated, and always following the trends and desires of our family’s most valued members – our customers.



Our VISION is to create sweet memories for our valued customers around the world, by sharing love and positivity and putting more smiles on their faces.


Evropa keeps pursuing following values:

  • Integrity: Acting with honor and truthfulness, as well as transparency in our work, and guided by the highest standards of ethical business conduct.
  • Professionalisam: We put quality first, in every aspect of what we do. This means always being innovative in our offer, continually investing in modernization and being in-line with the latest market trends.
  • Team Work (spirit): We emphasize the value of teamwork, always en-couraging our employees to collaborate, improve mutual understanding and work together towards achieving common goals. We believe that teamwork is what turns good companies into great ones.
  • Perseverance: Overcoming challenges for more than 135 years and still holding together as a family means that we can walk tall and look ahead with confidence.
  • Devotion: Every creation is made with love, excellence and perfection in mind, at every step of the process, by our group of talented and dedicated employees.