International Certificate - PREMIUM STUBRAND 2017

AD Evropa is chosen by students as one of the companies with the most positive image. In the third official international research of STUBRAND in the Republic of Macedonia, which measures the image of the brands among the student population, our company enjoys a positive image of 92% of the respondents in the category "Desserts / Companies" and thus have received the most prestigious international certificate - PREMIUM STUBRAND 2017 directly assigned by students.



Lately, we have invested great efforts to deepen the relationship with our customers, especially the younger population. This prestigious recognition is especially pleasing because it is a confirmation that our key goal - increasing brand awareness for Evropa among younger generations, as the most sincere and most important target group of consumers - shows results.

The purpose of the conducted research was to measure the image, or degree of awareness and affection (preferences) to the brands, which depends on the degree of satisfaction, trust and loyalty of students (aged 18-27 years).