AD Evropa presented the brand "1882": premium chocolate with top ingredients!

AD Evropa presented the brand "1882": premium chocolate with top ingredients!

From the very beginning of its existence, the pleasure factory "Evropa" selects the best ingredients to create quality and sweet products for consumers. This time, through the new brand "1882" whose name symbolizes the year of establishment of the factory "Evropa", is a chocolate with a premium taste that will expand the range of delicious treats with another ultimate pleasure!

Whenever the name "Evropa" is mentioned, it is always associated with quality, longevity and tradition, values ​​that won the trust of customers long ago, and to this day are the basis on which the company continues to build its brand. What is constantly pushing Europe forward is the great desire to innovate and introduce the highest technological standards, as well as to promote new flavors, which led to the creation of "1882" - chocolate that will awaken your sensory receptors and make you enjoy each subsequent cube.

Under the new brand "1882", "Evropa" represents four exclusive flavors of chocolate: dark with cranberry, dark with almond, milk with hazelnut, milk mix (with hazelnut, almond, raisins). Each of them comes in a modern package of 150 g, in order to have enough chocolate to share with your loved ones. If the strength of a company is in its products, then the strength of a chocolate is in its ingredients! "Evropa" once again chose the highest quality ingredients (almond, hazelnut, cranberry) to create a product that will emphasize its status, but will also remind the values ​​that this company nurtures.

Since 1882, "Evropa" in this area is a symbol of strong and intense taste, for products that beautify every family celebration, every friendly gathering, which are ideal for a gift, and which add an irresistible taste to every moment of our happiness. This premium quality chocolate features the modern design of the packaging, the back of which is decorated with the design of the first store of "Evropa" opened in the Old Skopje Bazaar, while the front is written the year of its establishment. The packaging itself, which is made of 100% recyclable material, in a way describes the long-term strategy of the company, which strives for a clean, healthy and sustainable environment by properly disposing and recycling the packaging of their products.

The new chocolate brand "1882" combines quality, experience, history and future, all in one place in order to make a premium product that the company "Evropa" can be proud of. Thinking about the past, and looking to the future, it continues to find and create innovations in its production portfolio, thus earning its place among the most successful companies in the country. "1882" tells the sweet story of "Evropa" which includes all those buyers who over the years write sweet chapters with the products of this company.

Chocolates "1882" are available in all specialty stores of "Evropa" as well as in all sale places across the country.