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AD Evropa: A sweet fairytale of flavours guaranteeing enjoyment

It is probably enough to say that it has successfully operated on the market since 1882, and you immediately think of Evropa.

Evropa is a company which has left a mark on a great number of generations and holds this recognition for more than 130 years, which makes it one of the oldest companies in the confectionery industry on the Balkans. By conveying the experience and taking the quality to the next level throughout many generations, it became what it is today – a stable industrial company with a production of around 5.000 tons annually and sales on the foreign and domestic market.

Evropa began as a trade workshop for the production of candies, lokum (also known as Turkish delight) and similar sugary products. Today, it is a contemporary factory that produces chocolates, wafers and candies, a factory with high achievements. The certificates for meeting the necessary standards speak of the unmistakable quality of the products.

Evropa is always up to date with the interests of its buyers and with the modern trends in the confectionery industry, which is the reason for the re-branding of a large number of products and motive for the development of new ones. The dark and white chocolates Elite, Integralissimo wholemeal biscuits, Euka Menthol and Ice candies are only a small part of the surprises that Evropa constantly prepares for its loyal customers. It is continuing its work on new packaging concerning the weight of product lines and redesigning the existing packaging.

Evropa does not rest for a minute. Lately, we have directed our work towards investing in new production machines and packaging in order to be up to date with the packaging trends of the products on the European market.

The stability of our company is confirmed with the fact that in conditions of global economic crisis which shook the world and is still present in the Euro-zone, we have realized positive financial results.

We have chosen the trust of our consumers a long time ago, so it is our purpose and goal to never change that.

Share love and buy Evropa as a gift.

Feel the delight of the flavour which goes beyond the limits and beyond your expectations.


Evropa – Factory for life’s little pleasures