• International Certificate - PREMIUM STUBRAND 2017

    AD Evropa is chosen by students as one of the companies with the most positive image.


    QUDAL - QUality meDAL - Wafers

    Our company has won first place, QUDAL gold medal in another category of our assortment of products - "Wafers" in a research conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS.



  • QUDAL - QUality meDAL - Candy

    AD Evropa Skopje won the majority of votes in the latest market research QUDAL - QUality meDAL General I 2016/2017 conducted in Macedonia in March 2016.


    Best Buy Award

    With great pleasure we inform you that our company received the most votes from the participants in the survey for Best Buy Award General II 2015/2016, in Macedonia in the category "Candy" for the best ratio between the price and quality.

  • Explore the sweet side of life

    During the month of May for our Facebook fans, was organized the campaign "Explore the sweet side of life".


    Sweet side of life

    The slogan "Sweet side of life" marked the final third part of the marketing campaign “Evropa – Factory for life’s little pleasures”.

  • Happiness lies in the little things

    The second part of the campaign Evropa – Factory for life’s little pleasures


    Mouth full of joy

    The marketing campaign Evropa – "Factory for life’s little pleasures"

  • ISM – International Sweets and Biscuits Fair

    AD Evropa attended the largest fair of the confectionery industry in Cologne, Germany with their own exhibition stand.



    Evropa participated in the traditional event “Chocoland” 

  • Promotions

    During the past year, the Elite dark and white chocolates...


Did you know that...

  • “Evropa“ is the oldest factory for confectionery products on the Balkans.

  • Up until 1952, Evropa was located next to the current art gallery Daut-Pashin Amam in the city centre of Skopje.

  • • “Evropa“ exports to a total of 19 countries, and it is mostly represented on the markets of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and in a few countries in the European Union, as well as in Australia and the USA.

  • 350.000 pieces of “Krem banana”, 770.000 pieces of candies, 260.000 pieces of toffees and 4 tons of wafers are produced on a daily basis.

  • • The production uses exclusively natural colours.

  • • The total annual production is around 5.000 t.

  • “Evropa“ is the sole producer of candy canes on the Balkans and the daily production amounts to 120.000 pieces while the total capacity adds up to 200 t per year.

  • • “Evropa“ is the only factory in Macedonia which can produce chocolate from its basic raw material – a cocoa bean.

  • • Our White Mint is among the highest selling candies in Serbia.

  • The legend of the candy canes says that the shape of the candy cane symbolizes the first letter “Ј“ from the name of Jesus, the white background symbolizes his sinless and innocent life, the red colours on the cane symbolize the blood when he was crucified … This is why the candy canes are very popular and are sold during Christmas time (especially in the catholic countries) … It is believed that at one time the candy cane was a hidden symbol of Christianity…